About Our Experts

Organizational Talent Solutions, LLC is an organizational and talent management firm that provides expert consultation, specialized training and customized assessment services to support high-value decisions on the selection and retention of organizational talent.

Dana A. Clark, Ph.D. - President

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Dr. Clark is one of the foremost authorities on personality assessment and behavioral analysis. Her expertise has been used in law enforcement environments, the corporate sector, and government settings where national security is of the utmost importance. She has over 20 years experience in conducting personality assessment for pre-hire executive selection, leadership analysis for management succession planning and training on behavioral interviewing. She specializes in the delivery of organizational, team and individual assessment of emotional intelligence in the workplace and provides detailed personality assessment consultation to support companies’ unique employee development needs. As a former psychologist with the Central Intelligence Agency, she has applied her assessment expertise worldwide interviewing and vetting hundreds of individuals. She is an international strategic talent management consultant with a global understanding of personality as it relates to organizational goals.

Karen Lambert - Director, Marketing and Business Development

Karen Lambert has extensive multimedia and training experience serving the public, private and non-profit sectors. Her expertise in project management and implementation of many corporate training and employee development projects, including the United States Naval Academy, has enabled companies to achieve regional and national success in meeting their strategic sales, marketing and public relations goals. A Maryland native, Ms. Lambert holds a B.A. in Communications, and has received national recognition for excellence in Project Management. Her skill in the utilization of diverse communications tools provides clients with a variety of options to meet mission-critical objectives and maintain their competitive edge industry wide.

Heidi Page, M.S. - Consultant, Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Heidi Page has over 20 years experience in Industrial and Organizational Development, Business Analysis and Human Capital Management. Her experience specifically includes supporting the assessment and development of potential talent as it relates to the business process. She has also worked on structuring core business for productivity, growth and expansion towards improving organizational behavior, attitudes, performance and results. She has initiated, planned and executed I/O development projects that involved organizational surveys, job analysis, performance and needs, training and evaluation for both private and government sectors in diverse industries, departments, and functions.

H. Sue Snyder, M.Ed. - Consultant, Organizational Change and Development

Sue Snyder has over 20 years experience in business consulting, leadership training, coaching and change management. She is an established expert in working with organizations of all sizes as well as individual performers to increase knowledge, and has the ability to enhance overall performance with deep experience in corporate, governmental, educational and non-profit environments.

Bob Shannon - Consultant, Business Coaching, Strategy and Training

Bob Shannon is a senior executive business coach with extensive experience in the financial services arena, providing his expertise to large and small companies. He has held executive positions on Wall Street focusing on Sales, Sales Management and Training. Bob is a member of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance and specializes in working with senior-level business owners towards achieving optimal success in their company’s management and process development issues.

Gary Aschenbach Jr. - Private Investigations, Consulting and Training

Gary Aschenbach Jr. has been a Special Agent with the United States Department of Defense since 2005. Among his many duty assignments, he has conducted personnel interviews that are primarily focused on national security, intelligence gathering and other related safety measures and crimes. He is classified as a senior polygraph examiner, and as such is considered to be an expert in the field of detecting deception. He is regularly sought after to conduct special interest polygraph examinations on behalf of the U.S. government. He is licensed and certified by the Maryland State Police as a private investigator.