Frequently Asked Questions

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+ What is the value of using assessment in organizations?

Companies that use assessment gain valuable information in addressing specific organizational needs, such as, candidate selection and potential job fit, enhancing employee development and career planning goals, supporting coaching and training initiatives, identifying and retaining high-performers and understanding group and team dynamics.

+ Are personality tests considered to be better predictors of job success?

When using well constructed and validated personality measures that are specifically designed to evaluate personality characteristics and skill strengths, results can provide very useful information about work style behaviors and job competencies that have been identified as being critical for job success in specific occupations.

+ Can someone deliberately portray themselves in an overly favorable way on a personality test?

While most test results will identify individual strengths and weaknesses that correlate to high and low scores, some individuals may try to deliberately bias their results in a direction called "faking good." Validity information from the test that examines response styles can help detect those who may try to portray themselves in a more favorable manner.

+ What can I expect from an OTS assessment debrief session?

OTS provides expert interpretation analysis and one-on-one consultation on the assessment patterns of the individual respondent in an integrative review format that is specifically targeted to enhance the level of insight and information for greater confidence in organizational and talent management decision-making.

+ How are assessment administered and how long does it take to complete the assessment(s)?

Assessment instruments are administered on-line. Most assessment sessions will vary in length with the average assessment session being about 30 minutes.