Organizational Talent Solutions (OTS) can assist in providing professional assessment services to support organizational decisions at all levels including:

+ Pre-Employment Assessment

Helping you choose the right candidate for the job.

+ Management Selection

Supporting effective management selection decisions.

+ Leadership Analysis

Providing senior management staff with insight into their overall strengths and risks.

+ Executive Profiles

Giving C-Suite level executives critical insight to increase self-awareness and overall leadership performance.

+ Organizational Surveys

Helping companies understand their core areas of team, department and organizational functioning.

+ Emotional Intelligence

Assessing emotional and social intelligence skills for greater job satisfaction and company performance.

+ Career Development

Supporting individual exploration in your career planning goals.

+ Background Screening

Services designed to help you execute a solid pre-employment screening process.

Through information gathered from various assessment tools in the industry, OTS works to provide expert consultation and training on personality, emotional and social traits of individuals to better understand the work-related behaviors that support organizational needs.