Companies today are seeking solutions as they deal with a variety of organizational issues that affect their ability to recruit and retain talent. Given the complex set of skills and abilities required to ensure a future of organizational success, OTS offers a number of employee assessment-based seminars. Each seminar is designed to help participants identify and understand their own behaviors and traits to enhance greater self-awareness and insight for personal growth and professional development. Let OTS help you today with one of our assessment-based seminars.

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+ Emotional Intelligence Skills (EIS)

This program will provide individuals with a greater understanding of emotional intelligence in the workplace and give participants the opportunity to examine their own emotional intelligence strengths while providing practical strategies for development.

+ Personal Leadership Impact (PLI)

This program is designed to examine the essential qualities that underpin effective leadership capabilities while simultaneously addressing the potential pitfalls that could lead to derailment. Participants will have the opportunity to assess their own leadership traits.

+ Executive Coaching and Change (ECC)

This program provides an in-depth personality analysis for individuals in executive management positions and offers coaching feedback on personal strengths, challenges and potential self-management opportunities for insight and professional growth.

+ Basic Interviewing and Assessment (BIA)

This program is designed to assist hiring managers towards understanding more fully how assessment results can be used to provide valuable insight in the interview process.

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